Self Care: Why Taking Care Of Self Is Essential!

This is a no-nonsense guide that is part self help and part self care. Drawing from 25 years of experience in Esthetics, Health & Wellness Industry. Sarah will help you discover how you can start taking better care of yourself and your skin. The POWERHOUR Self Care Method is also included in this book to maximize results!

  • How some skin care ingredients help with looking youthful
  • How some facials help with a youthful look
  • How nutrition helps with young looking skin
  • How exercise helps with a youthful appearance

International Self Care Day was on July 24th of this year 2022. This day was established in 2011 as an opportunity to raise the profile of living a healthy lifestyle; also to start a movement for self care programs around the world.

International Self Care Day stresses the importance of taking care of yourself as the number one cornerstone of health and wellness. People have to realize that it’s up to them to care for themselves and put themselves first. Thus prioritizing the need for people to take care of their health and wellness through self care.

The benefits of self care last a lifetime and are not limited to a single day, a fad, or stage of life. But, a strategic change in how you live your life by putting self care first and allowing those changes to be your lifestyle. These self care habits create a lifestyle you live regardless if you are going through a tough patch, on vacation or visiting family. These are well established rituals like brushing your teeth or combing your hair. You do them everyday; your healthy lifestyle, your self care rituals.

Self care means improving yourself and it does not have to be at the cost or others or their needs. The dangers of not practicing self care include: poor health, stress, rage, disease, burn out and being over weight.

Here is a free video workout to begin your journey towards having healthy self care rituals.

Their are seven pillars around self care developed by The International Self Care Foundation:

  • Knowledge & health literacy
  • Mental well being
  • Physical activity
  • Healthy eating
  • Risk avoidance
  • Good hygiene
  • Rational use of products & services

Practicing daily self care helps you perform at your best and have a higher quality of life. When you prioritize self and care for self; it helps boost your self esteem and confidence. When we practice self care we are better able to handle challenges better. Self care does not need to be a something long and strenuous. You can simply go for a walk, take a bath, cleanse your face, self massage, read a book etc. Self care gives you better clarity, increases your energy, and boosts better sleep.

Self care is declaring that you will properly care for your self and your needs everyday.

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