How To Use The Peach Bleach | How To Use The Peach Bleach

❓Are you looking for a way to even out your skin tone, improve the discoloration and eliminate bumps and ingrown son your body?

⛔️Having acne, discoloration and bumps on your body can be very embarrassing and make you lose confidence.

🗝The key to having great skin on your face and body is having a great daily routine. Consistent use of targeted skin care over time leads to clear, soft and supple skin.

🍑The Peach Bleach by The Naked Peach is a super concentrated serum that works to rid skin of bumps, discoloration and ingrowns.

🌼Made with Yarrow Flowers and Niacinamide to keep pore clear and free of bumps. Kojic acid and alpha Arbutin help to lighten and brighten dark spots.

This is one of The Naked Peach’s best selling serums. A little bit goes a long way. You only need a few drops to cover in entire body area.

Use on your face and body for 2-3 weeks daily, then drop back down to 2-3 days a week to maintain results.

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