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The best way to get rid of ingrown hairs without damaging or discoloring your skin is to maintain a healthy skin care routine that addresses the issue of keeping your pores clear. At The Naked Peach we have 3 products from our Best Sellers Kit that addresses ingrown hairs, acne, bumps and discoloration. The Peach Bleach for discoloration and keeping pores clear. Rehab me to help exfoliate skin and get rid of ingrown hairs. Also, Bumps be Done! Which actively works to rid the skin of ingrown hairs.

Rehab me is our number one best selling scrub for good reason. This scrub is made with 5 Alpha Hydroxy Acids; Glycolic Acid, Malic Acid, Tartaric Acid, Lactic Acid, and Citric Acid.  The benefit of blending alpha hydroxy acids gives you maximum benefits for exfoliation.  Rehab me exfoliates the top layer of skin; and unblocks the pores to release the keratin plug that causes inflammation, acne and ingrown hairs.

We suggest scrubbing your skin for 30-60 seconds in the shower on wet skin 2-3 days a week.

The Peach Bleach is one of our best selling serums. This skin lightening serum is made without any harsh skin lightening ingredients. Made with Kojic Acid, Niacinamide, Yarrow Flowers and Alpha Arbutin all working together to not only lighten/brighten your skin but also to keep your pores clear.

Bumps be done! Is our best selling serum. Made with Aloe Vera, Glycerin, TeaTree Oil and Salicylic Acid. These ingredients work to unplug the keratin that keeps your pores clogged. This serum is able to pierce into your pores and help to heal and unclog acne, ingrown hairs and bumps. This serum is so popular that we have a lot of men purchase this for their beard lines and necks.

Ingrown Hair Free Skin Tips:

  1. Exfoliate skin with Rehab me! 2-3 days a week for at least 30 seconds.
  2. Apply The Peach Bleach Serum every night on skin discoloration.
  3. Apply Bumps be done! 2-3 days a week on ingrown hairs.

A little goes a long way! Our products are super concentrated so you only need a pea size amount to cover an entire area.

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