Lash Lift And Tint

Do you have long lashes but they stick out straight and don’t curve? Then the lash lift is the perfect service for you. Lift up lashes that don’t curve naturally so you can see the full length of lashes. Add a lash tint onto this service and kiss your mascara good bye! This is a wonderful alternative to lash extensions. You make your lashes look longer and darker without any daily work. Go to the gym, sauna and workout without worrying about something being out of place. This is the perfect service for women who are active and like the no makeup look.

This service has been practiced for years in the Asian community and salons. Women in Japan and Korea have been using this technique for ages.

How the service is performed. Perm solution is applied to lashes, followed by a neutralizer and conditioner. These solutions are specifically made for the eye area and are very gentle. The lash lift typically lasts up to eight weeks. With the curl gradually dropping as it gets closer to the date for another service. This service takes about 15 minutes to perform with the new faster setting formulas.

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