1. Hard wax adheres to hair and not the skin.
  2. Hard wax Shrink wraps around hair and gets out coarse hair with ease.; mainly found in the Brazilian area.
  3. Hard wax does not adhere to skin, thus can get smaller-finer hairs by making another pass on skin.
  4. Hard wax does not distort hair follicle. Hard wax can be removed in any direction, thus making it ideal for Brazilian area. Where hair grows in many different directions.
  5. Hard wax is the most pain free way to wax.
  6. Hard wax does not use strips to remove.
  7. Hard wax gives you the most cleanest and hair free experience in the Brazilian area; so you can feel great in that bikini, wearing short shorts and confident in your intimate life!!


Hard wax is superior for Brazilian waxing.

Unlike soft style or sugar style waxes that remove a layer of skin while using. Hard wax remains the superior wax for Brazilian by only attaching to hair and not removing layers of skin while waxing. Hard wax is the least irritating for Brazilian while giving the most tidiest results!


What to expect from a Brazilian wax from The Naked Peach:

  1. Skin is cleansed with Calm Down cucumber toner to remove any bacteria that could get in pores.
  2. Skin is prepped with corn starch powder to protect skin from heat of wax.
  3. No double dipping! A new stick is used each application on body.
  4. Your Esthie puts you in positions, holds and applies pressure to provide a quick 15 minute comfort wax.