Vacials also known as Vajacials are a facial for the Brazilian-bikini area.

We offer two different kinds of Vacials. The Bikini Exfoliator is a Vacial to help relieve ingrown hairs. The Peach Bleach is a Vacial to help lighten the skin in the bikini area.

We use a multi-advanced skin care approach with our Vacials.

Skin is cleansed and our Pumpkin Pie mask is applied to help eat away all of the dead skin.

We then use the Dermabrasion wand to further manually exfoliate with the diamond tip wand and suction of the machine.

Next step is to apply The Bikini Exfoliator Peel that is infused with Salicylic Acid to help rid bacteria deep in the pores.

High frequency facial glass electrode wand is used to treat any infection in the skin as well.

The skin is neutralized and an Intense Aftercare HydroJelly Mask is applied to soothe skin; and blue LED light is applied to further heal ingrown hairs.

Vacials are a wonderful way to treat your peach to some pampering; and to help address some of your skin care needs as well!

Aromatherapy and a hand massage is included for wellness.