The $5000 Annual Naked Peach ®️ Scholarship is designed to help low income Philadelphian’s meet vocational training expenses. We have helped on exception women released from long term prison meet basic needs.

Our mission is to provide scholarships for local low income Philadelphian’s in need to attend vocational training programs to help them get the skills and training needed to seek higher earning employment and better opportunities.
“The Naked Peach ® has provided $30,000 in scholarships to low income Philadelphian’s in the Philadelphia area since we have opened our doors.”


The owners story and why she is compelled to help low income Philadelphian’s in need….

When I was sixteen I became a teenage mom. I became what society would ‘label’ me as another statistic. I remember the day my son Antwon was born; it was like life came and punched me in the face. My youth as I knew it was officially over. I will never forget when my son was born, he looked up at me with these big beautiful green eyes, long lashes and really big lips. I instantly fell deeply in love; and knew I had to fight hard and make life happen for us. I soon found myself alone with no support going into my senior year of high school living in a homeless shelter. I was on bended knee. All I had was my son and God; and all I knew with all my heart was that we had to stay together no matter what. I was willing to endure anything; but being separated from my son was not on that list. By the grace of God, I was able to graduate high school on time with my class. I enrolled in college but ended up dropping out after a year.

Over the years I had to struggle with need and not having an advanced education. As a result, I developed the skill of being a self taught make-up artist to support myself and my family. I would work unlicensed anywhere I could find work: clubs, salons, my house, other people’s houses, and hotels. I was eeking out an existence. However, because of my desperate desire to provide for my family. I would do people’s make-up like my life was on the line, possessed, focused, passionate, giving my all. I would truly transform these women into something special. Eventually, I developed a reputation and a following. I would receive referral after referral and soon became known as one of the best make-up artist’s in the area. I even had a chance to work with celebrities!

During these trying years I learned through trial and error some very important life skills. If you want to succeed in anything work hard, and work harder than all your competitors. Have the discipline to continue to learn and hone your craft/skill/trade. Most importantly is that your past does not dictate your future and you can defy the odds! I eventually was able to go back to college on-line to earn my business degree. I was also able to attend technical schools as well and receive my esthetics, massage, and personal training license. The more education and skills I honed the better my life and network became. I then went on to open my own salon The Naked Peach ® Waxing Boutique and have had great success bringing excellence to a craft that I am very passionate about. I am truly grateful and feel blessed for the many people who have helped me along my life’s journey. That is why I feel so strongly about giving back in a way that will directly change the trajectory of someone’s life in need.



“Teenage Pregnancy”

Thrown out like garbage, cast upon the sea.

Outcasted, diseased, martyred; she must be unclean.

Teenage Pregnancy.

Judged, feared; like some disease.

Laughed at, to the highest degree.

Teenage Pregnancy.

Ostracized from society, marginalized from reality.

Your life is over. You will not succeed.

Floating in rapid rivers, swimming against the tide; trying to breathe.

Keeping my head above water, treading rapidly.

I catch a glimpse of my son’s eyes, to my surprise.

I have a moment of reprise.

I stop believing societies lies.

I am the delight of my son’s eyes.

He does not marginalize.

I am his prize.

Glad to report that my son Antwon is a United States Combat Veteran who has proudly served in The Army National Guard